Charity Burbage | 19 | Hufflepuff Alumni | Order Ally | FC: Leighton Meester | OPEN

Charity is a girl of curious nature born into a pureblood family. Depite their blood status, her parents tried their best to raise her so that she would not turn out to be an ignorant witch like the children of some families they had come across. Thus, they decided to provide her with a Muggle education until she received her Hogwarts letter. Charity grew up in the Muggle world under the knowledge that she was magical. Her parents had informed her of this once she was able to understand words. The most magic she ever saw growing up was that performed by her parents strictly under the roof of their house only. She was well aware that the so-called magicians played by Muggles at her friends birthday parties were not really wizards or witches at all.

Due to her unusual upbringing, Charity was able to see early on that Muggles were people too. The blood that ran through their veins didn’t make them different, just as their race, religion and gender didn’t either. At Hogwarts, however, she was picked on by children from pureblood elitist families for enthusiastically sharing her ‘Muggle ways’. Seeing that there was a problem in the education of the Wizarding world that caused magical kids to be so ignorant, she decided she would pursue a career in teaching Muggle Studies after graduating. Though she is a gentle being who can be optimistic to the point it is considered foolish but some, Charity is also self-assured with a quiet confidence. She is now doing further studies in education so she can be a teacher at Hogwarts in the future and hopefully make a difference. 

Friendships: Up to roleplayer.

Romantic Interest: Up to roleplayer.

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