Edgar Bones | 21 | Hufflepuff Alumni | Order Member | FC: Julian Morris | OPEN

Edgar was sorted into Hufflepuff when he arrived at Hogwarts, instead of Ravenclaw like the majority of his family. While he has a close relationship with his sister Amelia, they are quite different form each other in personality. At school, Edgar was a popular boy, loved by all those around him. He enjoyed having a good time and wasn’t as attracted to books as the rest of his family was, although he did achieve rather decent grades. Like his sister, he doesn’t let blood status affect his interactions with other people. He is able to look past that and take people for who they are, rather than what they are.

True to his house’s nature, he is incredibly loyal and friendly. His competence in wizardry and his personality are both reasons he was asked to join Dumbledore’s Order. His upbeat character makes him a joy to have in the Order, despite the dark times imposed by the war. However, he is a powerful wizard and can be fierce when forced to defend himself and those he loves.

Friendships: Up to roleplayer.

Romantic Interest: Up to roleplayer.

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